"I think I would have given up my breastfeeding journey if it wasn't for Libby & her encouragement..."

“Libby has been incredible since I have had my daughter.
We were due to talk though some things from the past with some issues I had with feeding my son and his birth but my daughter decided to come early.
She has continuously kept in contact with me giving me advice when I needed it and has been there to check in and see how I am.
I think I would have given up my breast feeding journey if it wasn’t for Libby and her encouragement.
So sending a huge thank you!”

"I'm so grateful for the confidence she's given me in my ability to exclusively breastfeed..."

“I was on the verge of giving up on breastfeeding before my consultation with Libby. I’d become increasingly reliant on formula top-ups for my six-week-old son, as I was concerned he wasn’t getting enough milk from me. We were also dealing with a suspected dairy allergy and tongue tie. I’d always planned to exclusively breastfeed, so I was feeling very down about the situation and knew I needed help to get things back on track.

I’m so pleased I reached out to The Milk Hub for a feeding consultation – Libby has been so generous in her advice and support. She put me instantly at ease the moment she walked into my home, and I can honestly say that her practical tips and moral support have made a huge difference to my breastfeeding journey. Any parent would be lucky to have her in their corner. She is such a warm, knowledgable person, and I’m so grateful for the confidence she’s given me in my ability to exclusively breastfeed my little one. Thank you, Libby!”


"I didn't think it was possible to re-work the experience and my interpretation of it so much, so quickly."

Mummy B saw Libby for 3 Step Rewind sessions, a process that supports birth and feeding trauma:
“Before going through the Rewind process with Libby, the recollection of my daughter’s birth made me very emotional and I found that even hearing about other people’s positive births made me angry and resentful.
I didn’t think it would be possible to rework the experience and my interpretation of it so much so quickly.
I will never be happy about everything that happened but with Libby’s help I feel able to move past it and those bad feelings are no longer so easily triggered.
Thank you Libby! I would fully recommend this process to anyone who is struggling with how the memory of a birth or events around it makes them feel.”
-Mummy B

"I was able to get rid of the negativity and make more room in my heart to love my daughter."

Mummy N saw Libby for 3 Step Rewind sessions, a process that supports birth and feeding trauma:

“I struggled emotionally quite a lot after bringing our beautiful baby girl in the world. My emergency c-section was a significant traumatic stressor that played a major role in my birth trauma. I’ve experienced high levels of negative emotions during and after the birth due to feeling out of control, frightened and helpless. I also experienced a great amount of pain postnatally which made my start into motherhood very challenging.

I quickly had to put my feelings aside as my little girl entered and awful phase of colic, inconsolable cry and sleepless days and nights. Caring for a “high needs” newborn without sorting my own emotions made my journey as a first time mum very challenging.

When asked about my daughters’ birth my eyes would fill up with tears and my voice would start to shake. I couldn’t talk about my baby’s birth without re-living this traumatic experience all over again. That’s when I decided to do Rewind technique with Libby – such a compassionate and great practitioner.

Sessions with Libby made me realise that I am more than capable to overcome this experience. Through the Rewind technique Libby helped me to get myself into a place of safety where we explored my traumatic memory. She helped me with my memory of my baby’s birth so that my body stopped recognising it as a treat.

We were able to effectively target the physiological symptoms of my trauma and very quickly I started to feel the benefit of these sessions.

I can say with every confidence that doing the Rewind technique with Libby felt enormously healing. I was able to get rid of the negativity and make more room in my heart to love my daughter.

Thank you Libby for helping us to get to this stage.”

-Mummy N

"I would have completely stopped our breastfeeding journey months ago if I hadn't reached out to Libby and The Milk Hub..."

“I always wanted to give breastfeeding a go when I had my little boy but always told myself if it wasn’t to be then never mind. However, once I started, even with the troubles we have had, I knew I wanted to try everything before stopping.

We have had some really tough times and I have felt low with my little one having very slow weight gain, tongue tie and supply issues. I reached out to Libby and within 20 minutes of me sending her an essay she replied and was so reassuring.

When we first spoke, I cried and she cried with me. Ever since she has talked me through every step of my journey and checked in to make sure everything is going OK. Libby doesn’t make decisions for you but answers your questions with relevant and informative answers, and normally a video and numerous links to articles.  She guides you but I have felt in total control over the decisions I make for me and my little one on our breastfeeding journey.

I know for certain that I would have completely stopped our breastfeeding journey months ago if I hadn’t reached out to Libby and The Milk Hub. She has been so kind, compassionate and supportive and I’m so grateful for her support. Thank you!”

- Becky

"The support I have received made me feel like I can carry on breastfeeding..."

“I felt like I was at breaking point with breastfeeding and I was struggling so much.   Someone recommended Libby and it definitely saved my sanity.  The support I have received is genuinely outstanding and it’s made me feel like I can carry on breastfeeding.

It is so comforting to know that there’s someone there who has your back and will try to help you no matter what, and I am beyond appreciative and couldn’t recommend her enough.”

- Kelly

"Libby has been my saving grace..."

“Wow what can I say? Libby is amazing!

I have required some support, or a lot of support throughout my breastfeeding journey so far and Libby has been my saving grace. No question is silly or too small, she is easy to speak to and has a huge wealth of knowledge on breastfeeding.

I specifically struggled with latching my son and found I was getting very sore. I spoke to Libby about it and tried the tips she had suggested but still struggled.  Turns out my son had a tongue-tie and thanks to Libby’s help I was able to find it early and get it sorted immediately. The procedure went really well and my son is latching and feeding amazingly. There is no pain now with breastfeeding and I have actually come to really enjoy the process.

On the same day as the tongue-tie procedure, the midwife came and visited me and informed me that my son hadn’t lost any weight since birth which was  brilliant and given the fact I really struggled with breastfeeding because of tongue-tie, I was proud to say the least. However I know that wouldn’t have been the case if I hadn’t discussed options with Libby and my breastfeeding journey would probably have been over due to pain and I would be bottle feeding.

Honestly any questions you have about breastfeeding ask Libby and utilise her knowledge to ensure you have a wonderful breastfeeding experience. I 100% recommend The Milk Hub!”

- Dani

"I think our breast feeding journey would have ended before it really began if it wasn't for her"

“When I found myself on the breaking point for breastfeeding and finding it difficult to get any support (made more difficult by the Covid-19 situation) I was recommended this page and decided to reach out.  I’m so glad I did.

After 3/4 weeks of issues (impetigo mixed with a bad latch which resulted in a wound on my nipple, making feeding incredibly painful) I was feeling like the problem was never going to get better.

I messaged Libby and she was so thorough with her questions whilst also being so supportive and reassuring. All of the information she gave me was useful and she followed up any new techniques with video demonstrations and checked in with me every day to see how we were doing and was basically my rock through all of my healing.

5/6 weeks after the problems all began, and I’m back to exclusively breastfeeding and it’s basically pain free on both sides again.  Bubs is putting weight back on as normal and I don’t have any anxiety around feeding her.

I can’t thank Libby enough for all the support and advice, I think our breast feeding journey would have ended before it really began if it wasn’t for her.”

- Katy

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"I have the perfect place to come for the more genuine, caring support."

“A good friend of mind recommended The Milk Hub after having issues with expressing and a fussy baby when feeding. I cannot thank Libby enough for taking the time to understand my situation and give me tips/info to help us continue our breastfeeding journey. 

I was close to giving up (except I couldn’t as my baby has CMPA and won’t take the formula) I felt trapped and inadequate at the same time. We are now enjoying feeding, expressing more milk and feeds are longer with less fussing. I know that if I come across more hurdles, I have the perfect place to come for the more genuine, caring support. Thank you.”

- Danielle

"Her information comes from research, experience and a genuine desire to help."

“I am a first-time Mum to a 5-week old girl. Breastfeeding has always been really important to me. Libby has been such an invaluable support on our journey so far. She has given me practical advice and motivation through cracked nipples, cluster feed frustrations, tongue-tie fears and general latch challenges. Her information comes from research, experience and a genuine desire to help.”

- Emily

"I really felt she understood what I was going through and I can’t thank her enough...”

“Where do I start… Libby is amazing! She was so supportive and helpful when my little boy was born in April. I initially had no plan to breastfeed however, as he came into the world 5 weeks early I thought I’d give it a shot.

I really struggled to start, however with the support from Libby she showed me numerous techniques to help the baby latch along with different ways to hold him. If I ever had any questions she was always happy to help and answered them with lots of great evidence based research!

Being a first time mum, it felt overwhelming at times knowing what was right for him and what I should do when, however Libby helped me through all of these situations and gave me continuous support in person and via text. As Libby has gone through a breastfeeding journey herself, I really felt she understood what I was going through and I can’t thank her enough for all the help she has given me since Henry arrived!”

- Georgia

"Heartfelt thanks, from my boobs...”"

“I’ve just got back from the hospital having had the tongue-tie snipped and feeding is instantly so much better.  Apparently it was so tiny, no more than a couple of mm but super tight and I don’t think anyone would have noticed if it hadn’t been for Libby.  We’re now at home happily nursing and baby is so relaxed rather than the frustrated fight I used to get.  Just wanted to sent heartfelt thanks, from my boobs more than anyone! 

- Sally