Preparing for The Fourth Trimester

So, what happens after my baby arrives?!

We are so often encouraged to plan for the birth, but then we take our baby home and nobody really tells us what happens next!  

Join our qualified antenatal and postnatal doula Georgia, for this bespoke session focusing on planning the first 3 months after your baby’s arrival.  

What is a Preparing for The Fourth Trimester session?

This evidence-based session with a qualified doula, is designed to build your confidence and help you to feel prepared for life with a newborn.  Planning for ‘what comes next’ after your baby has arrived will help you to feel informed and empowered in your early parenting journey. 
Georgia will guide you through the most important aspects of the early days of parenting including;
  • Healing from birth
  • Adjusting to life with a new baby
  • What to expect in the fourth trimester
  • Feeding choices, preparation and planning
  • Tools for how to support and soothe an unsettled baby
  • Safe sleep
  • Preparing your relationships for your baby
  • Where to find trusted support if you need it
  • Answering any questions you may have about parenting and the Fourth Trimester
  • Discounted follow up support with Georgia 
  • Discounted space on a Beyond Birth course when baby is here.
  • Discounted access to Relaxation Club VIP for 1 month. 

We recommend that your Preparing for The Fourth Trimester session takes place somewhere between weeks 34 – 38 of your pregnancy, but you can book your session at any point. We actively encourage you to bring along whoever will be supporting you with your new baby.  That might be a partner, friend or relative.  The session is also suitable for intended adoptive parents or parents using a surrogate and will be tailored suit your specific requirements. 


What do other parents say about Preparing for The Fourth Trimester?

“The information about breastfeeding and how we might feel emotionally when the baby is born was the most useful in our opinion… we would definitely recommend the session to any soon to be parents. A lot of our questions were answered and we feel more confident about our baby’s first few months!” 

Parents T & S

“Georgia introduced us to the concept of the fourth trimester and encouraged us to consider things we hadn’t ever thought about, but made so much sense!! Everything from managing visitors in the early days to resources and books on baby’s sleep. I found our session really helpful and definitely referred back to our conversation once our baby was here. Georgia has heaps of experience and I would definitely recommend her.” 

Sam, first time parent


How do the sessions work?

Preparing for the Fourth Trimester is a personalised bespoke session, for you and your partner or supporter. 
The class will take place virtually, and usually lasts 90 minutes.  Following the class you will also receive a follow-up email with personalised links and resources to support your plan, as well as a personalised Feeding Plan.
Cost:  The package is £55.
Please note, Georgia is currently on maternity leave, so the earliest possible session dates are for January 2024.  If you would like to book for 2024 and beyond, or if you would like an antenatal feeding preparation session, please contact us.

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