Allergy Support for Families
Group Workshop

Looking for further support on your allergy journey? Check out our Allergy Support workshops...

Who is the workshop for?

✔️ Does your baby have a known allergy/allergies and no other feeding concerns?

✔️ Are you preparing for starting solids?

✔️ Are you planning to transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and would like to discuss prescription formula?

✔️ Are you looking at reintroduction of allergens, and confused about how to do this?  Wondering what the Milk Ladder is?If you answered yes to any of the above, then this workshop is for you!  

This session is suitable for families who have identified the allergy their child or children have (whether diagnosed or not), and are looking for support as their feeding journey progresses onto these next important stages with your child/children.  The content is aimed at parents/guardians who are caring for an allergy child/children up to the age of 2.

Who runs the workshop?

Kaya is our IBCLC allergy specialist here at The Milk Hub, and she runs this workshop for us.  

Kaya has been supporting parents to feed their babies for 10 years, and as well as holding the highest qualification in infant feeding as an IBCLC, she has specialised in supporting families who are managing allergies as part of their feeding journey.  She is one of a handful of IBCLC’s in the country who offer an allergy specialism.  Kaya is also an ‘allergy parent’ herself, with lived experience of battling for support and managing her youngest daughter’s 14 allergies, three of which are anaphylactic.  

You can hear Kaya talk more about her passion for working with families with allergies on the wonderful Emma Pickett’s podcast Makes Milk here, and hit the ‘breastfeeding and allergies’ episode.  You can also read more about Kaya in her bio on our about’ page. 

How does the session work?

The workshop runs for 90 minutes, and takes place via Zoom.   A maximum of 4 families will attend the workshop, to keep the session small to ensure there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and to tailor the conversation to the allergens your family is experiencing.  After the session you will receive an email with follow up resources to support your ongoing journey.

As the session is very interactive, you will need to be able to attend the session live as a recording won’t be available. 

What does the workshop cost?

The workshop costs £30 per family, for families who are able to self-fund to attend.  

We are able to offer funding to make the workshop accessible to all families.  This can be either on a ‘pay what you wish’ or fully funded basis.  If you would like to access a ‘pay what you wish’ or fully funded place, please contact the team directly to book your spot – we’d love to speak to you.

If you would like to take part in this workshop but cannot make the scheduled date, please drop us an email to get yourself on the waiting list.

I’d love to attend, but the dates don’t work for me!  What can I do? 

We will be running these workshops on regular dates, so please contact us if you’d like us to contact you about future dates.


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