3 Step Rewind

What is 3 Step Rewind? 

Please note, due to maternity leave – 3 Step Rewind is not available until mid-2023.  If you would like to add your name to our waiting list, please contact us and we will contact you to book your appointment when the service resumes.

Three Step Rewind is a process which can be used to support someone who is struggling with difficult feelings associated with a particular experience.  

Rewind isn’t therapy, and at The Milk Hub – we aren’t therapists.  Rewind is a process which is used to bring relief to difficult emotional or responses connected to a particular event.  The technique is commonly used to support someone who may identify as having experienced birth or feeding trauma, but can be used to support any experience which someone has found traumatic. You retain the memory of the experience in full, but the emotional response the memory evokes is reduced. 

What do other parents say about 3 Step Rewind?

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last few weeks and for everything you have done to help me. You’ve been instrumental in my healing journey, I count my lucky stars that you were recommended to me.” Sam

“I can say with every confidence that doing the Rewind technique with Libby felt enormously healing. I was able to get rid of the negativity and make more room in my heart to love my daughter.” Mummy N


How does it work?

The Rewind process takes place across 3 sessions, each lasting for approximately 1 hour.  You can choose whether you would like the session to take place virtually or in-person.

For virtual sessions, you will need access to a space where you won’t be disturbed to complete the sessions with good internet connection.  This should be a safe place where you can relax.  

In-person sessions will take place at in Shoeburyness.  In-person appointments will be confirmed via email once we receive your booking & have secured the venue space. 

Session 1: During this session you can choose to share your story if you would like to, but there is no requirement to share the experience for the process to work.  We will also spend some time discussing how you feel when you think of the experience, and how you would prefer to feel going forward.  We end this session with a guided relaxation to help calm the body’s response to discussing the difficult experience.  Following the session you will receive a copy of this recording which you will ask you to listen to regularly in-between session 1 and session 2.

Session 2: You will be guided you through a relaxation exercise during which we will work in your subconscious to un-hook the difficult experience from your internal alarm system.  This is where the relief from the unwanted emotional or physical responses happens.  We are working within the mind to let our automatic systems know that remembering that event will not cause us harm.

Session 3: During this session you will be guided through another relaxation which focuses on how you would prefer to feel about the experience. By working in the subconscious we can re-frame the experience and how you feel about it.  You will go away with a recording of this guided relaxation for you to listen to again at your leisure.


Virtual sessions: £50 per session. 3 sessions are required.

In-person sessions: £75 per session.  3 sessions are required. 

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