Our Safeguarding Policy

  1. The Milk Hub has a duty to ensure that the safety and welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults is paramount and therefore, has arrangements in place to safeguard service users and their child/children, in situations it is deemed necessary, by taking appropriate actions.

1.2. Appropriate action may include:

– the practitioner taking written notes to ensure accuracy of details given and storing them securely

– the practitioner discussing any information relating to potential concerns or risks to a child or vulnerable adult with their line manager

– the practitioner or line manager seeking consultation from the Local Safeguarding Team (Southend-on-Sea Borough Council MASH Team), the Emergency Duty Team (out of hours) or the NSPCC Child Protection Helpline

– if there appears to be an immediate risk, then contact with the Police may be made

1.3. Where possible, the practitioner will seek consent from the service user to take the above appropriate actions, prior to doing so. However, if obtaining consent is believed to a) increase the risk further or b) cause a significant delay to the required information being shared, then The Milk Hub reserves the right to take appropriate action as they see fit.

1.4. The Milk Hub recognises that we all have a responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults and therefore needs to ensure effective joint working with other local agencies and professionals where required. Consent from the service user will be sought for this where possible and The Milk Hub endeavours to work collaboratively and constructively with other services to achieve effective joint working.

1.5. The Milk Hub and all its staff are committed to safeguarding and therefore all regularly undertake training to ensure their knowledge is kept up to date.

16.6. The Milk Hub will ensure that our contribution to promoting the safeguarding and welfare of service users and their children is maintained to the highest standard and therefore, this policy and our procedures will be reviewed at least every two years.