Relaxation Club VIP

£15.00 / month

Relaxation Club VIP is a mindful wellbeing subscription service, designed especially for busy parents. Access on-demand mindfulness tools & resources to support your emotional wellbeing, and automatically reserve your place each month at the virtual Relaxation Club class too.

Relaxation Club VIP is a monthly subscription service, which provides on-demand access to a wealth of guided relaxations, affirmations and other mindfulness tools, via a private Facebook group.  Content is updated regularly and is designed specifically for parents at all stages of their parenting journey.

VIP members also have access to the monthly Live Relaxation Club class which takes place on the first Wednesday of each month virtually too.  The session is recorded for VIP members and posted into the Facebook group so you can watch back at a later stage too.

Cost is £15 per month (includes Relaxation Club Live access).


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