Preparing To Feed My Baby – Downloadable Antenatal Breastfeeding Course


This is a self-paced course, offering antenatal education on breastfeeding across a 3 part video series with a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.  You will also receive access to a wealth of resources to support your feeding journey via the Digital Workbook which accompanies the course.

Preparing To Feed My Baby – Antenatal Breastfeeding Course

This is a self-paced antenatal preparation course focusing on breastfeeding/chestfeeding or giving human milk in some way.  It is a comprehensive antenatal course, with over 2.5 hours worth of video content.  There is also access to a comprehensive Digital Workbook of resources and practical exercises, including a template Feeding Plan.

The session is delivered by Libby, a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist over a 3 part download which you can watch on demand.

Session 1

This session focuses on the biology of breastfeeding, so how our breasts or chests work, and how breastmilk is made.  Topics covered include:

    • Why give breastmilk?
    • How does breastfeeding work?
    • What is colostrum?
    • Milk transition
    • The Oxytocin Cycle
    • The Stress Cycle
    • How can mindfulness positively impact breastfeeding?
    • Mindfulness tools

Session 2

Part 2 of the course considers the practicality of actually breastfeeding or chestfeeding your baby, as well as problems with feeding we typically hear quite a lot about.

Subjects discussed are:

      • Why do babies want to breastfeed?
      • Responsive feeding or scheduled feeding?
      • Recognising feeding cues
      • Cluster feeding, growth spurts & developmental leaps
      • Positioning & attachment
      • How do I know if I’m doing it right?
      • Mastitis, blocked ducts & milk blebs
      • Types of support
      • Tongue tie
      • Cows Milk Protein Allergy
      • Reflux & Colic

Session 3

The last part of the series focuses on expressing, breastfeeding equipment, pumps, combi-feeding and handy to know tips including:

      • Antenatal colostrum harvesting
      • Expressing breastmilk including types of pumps & tips for expressing
      • Combi Feeding
      • How partners can help support breastfeeding
      • Your feeding plan & getting feeding off to a good start.
      • Where to find support and useful resources
      • Dummies, bottles & shields
      • Baby wearing
      • Sleep & breastfeeding
      • Feeding in public

How do I access the course?

Once you have purchased the course and completed the payment process, you will be given the opportunity via the website to download the instructional PDF document.  This PDF document is your course guide, and includes a link to access each of the three session videos and the Digital Workbook.

Please note, in order to maintain security of the files, you will be granted access to the links contained in the PDF within 48 hours of purchasing the course.  This access will be granted via the email address you have used to purchase the course.


What do past attendees say about the course?

“This course really made me feel like I can do this.  I felt the course was simple and gave me the confident I really need not to doubt myself.” 

“I came away far more knowledgable and feel empowered and supported.” 


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