About Us

The Milk Hub is run by Libby (pronouns she/her) and is a safe and inclusive space for parents to access support throughout their parenting journey. The services offered include a variety of free and paid for support and classes.  This includes antenatal infant feeding preparation, as well as postnatal feeding support, with mindfulness techniques underpinning practical evidence based information.

Libby is also a Three Step Rewind Practitioner offering support for parents experiencing birth or feeding trauma.

All support and classes are currently offered virtually due to the pandemic.

A little about Libby...

“Having my daughter in 2017 made me realise how important good support is throughout your parenting journey, especially around the topics of infant feeding and parental wellbeing. 

I was comparatively lucky.  I had the resources to be able to undertake a variety of antenatal courses and build my village of experienced parents so I had lots of people to ask questions of.  However, as I met more and more new parents, I found I was clearly in the minority.  There was a huge gap in evidence based information and support for new mums generally.  So many parents that I encountered hadn’t achieved the feeding relationship they wanted due to lack of accurate information and inadequate support.  My passion for supporting parents on their feeding journeys was born.

Since then, I have undertaken a variety of training courses in breastfeeding/chestfeeding support for my voluntary feeding support roles.  Working closely with families to help them achieve their feeding goals is a huge privilege.  Through this work I have witnessed families experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress, especially in the current situation.  This is of course entirely understandable, aren’t we all feeling anxious at the moment?!  These experiences left me wanting more tools in my infant feeding supporter toolbox, how could I better support these families?”

My solution was to train as a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner & a Three Step Rewind Practitioner...

“I completed my Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner training with  the Mindful Breastfeeding School.  The course which is written and led by Anna Le Grange (IBCLC) and has equipped me with tools to support parental wellbeing both antenatally and postnatally, as well as practical infant feeding support.  The power of mindfulness in terms of breastfeeding/chestfeeding outcomes has blown me away.

Through supporting families on their feeding journeys, I have really seen the impact of birth or feeding trauma.  This has led me to train as a Three Step Rewind Practitioner, so I can help bring some relief to difficult feelings associated with a particular event or experience.

Three Step Rewind is a guided process which aims to unhook a difficult experience from our in-built alarm system.  This process works to ease emotional & physiological responses when thinking of a particular experience.  The technique can work with any experience, but is commonly used for parents who have had difficult birth or feeding experiences.”

Bias Awareness trained with Vanisha Virgo

In March 2021, Libby took part in Vanisha Virgo’s (Mama & Me Doula Services) Bias Awareness training workshop to help improve her support for all of the families she works with & to ensure that The Milk Hub remains a safe & inclusive space for all families. 

LGBTQ+ Competency in Birth & Beyond trained with The Queer Birth Club

In August 2020, Libby completed the above workshop with The Queer Birth Club, to help deepen her understanding of providing support for LGBTQ+ families.

The Milk Hub will always be a safe place for all families.