Welcome to the Milk Hub

Support for all parents

What is the Milk Hub?

The Milk Hub provides a range of antenatal and postnatal support & education for parents throughout their parenting journeys.  

Support includes:

Feel free to take a look around the site, and find out more about what we do. 

What do we offer?

The Milk Hub offers a variety of services and classes suitable for both antenatal preparation and postnatally.


Antenatal Support

Support for you as you learn about how infant feeding works, how to prepare to feed your baby and how to get your feeding journey off to the best start.


Postnatal Support

Postnatal courses focusing on mental wellbeing, 1:1 feeding support & 3 Step Rewind for birth and feeding trauma support.

Looking for more information?

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Or, if you want to understand a bit more about how the support we offer can help you, take a look at our testimonials page.